Welcome to Customized Tutoring Services


Welcome to Customized Tutoring Services!

We motivate and educate for “every age and any stage”.  Our mission is to educate students, in an out-of-school environment, with hands-on and analytical activities through a plethora of venues, including After-School Programs, camps and clubs, as well as one-on-one, group, and class tutoring.  And in order to ensure further academic growth and success, CTS designs personalized curriculum with adaptive instruction in order to meet the specific needs of each individual student.

A small business located in downtown Lewisburg, CTS provides the greater Susquehanna River Valley with elite educators for all grades, ages, and subject areas.  CTS accommodates student’s academic needs with further enrichment exploration of the content.  The CTS classrooms are very friendly, open-minded, and enriching environments that provide the necessary textbooks, online resources, and technologies in order to ensure a quality twenty-first century learning experience.

Please continue to explore the CTS website for further information about our curricula, tutors, and learning options.

  • Customized Curriculum and Instruction
  • Certified and Highly Educated Teachers
  • Direct Communication with Schools
  • Welcoming Tutors and Accommodating Classrooms
  • Current Textbooks and Learning Accessories
  • Spectacular Service!

To Begin Services for SAT & ACT, One-on-One, or Group Tutoring:

Option 1: Email

1)  Complete and Submit the SIGN UP form on this website

2)  A CTS staff member will contact you via your preferred form of communication.

3) Determine a time for an Initial Consultation.

4) Attend consult and begin services!

Option 2: Call or Text

1) Call or Text CTS at 570-428-2742

2) Discuss your student and the available tutoring options.

3) Determine a time for an Initial Consultation.

4) Attend consult and begin services!