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CTS offers clubs and camps over the summer that promote both academic and social development.

Adventure Camp programs are held in conjunction with Buffalo Valley Recreational Authority.

Please visit the BVRA website  http://bvrec.org/adventure-camps/ to complete registration for the camps

Sports Statistics

June 17th, 2019 – June 21st, 2019

1:00pm – 4:00pm @ BVRA

For any student who enjoys sports, math, or communicating, then statistically they will enjoy Sport Statistics Camp.  Each day, students will play different sports and watch video footage of sports while learning how to keep statistics, communicate the facts of the game, and analyze the patterns unfolding; the goal is to educate students in not only math, but also the communication system that takes place during television production.  Students will be using their knowledge of sports to analyze and translate the mathematical patterns into significant observations; these trends and statistical facts are then communicated to the Announcers and Television Producers.  Every student will get the opportunity to partake in each role as Official Statistician, Talent Statistician, Announcer, Television Producers, and of course…the Player.  Daily camp schedules include coding the actions of sports, playing games (such as kickball, basketball, and football), watching footage of games, keeping statistics for the games, and discussing the various facts and scenarios that develop.

Coding and 3D Printing

June 24th, 2019 – June 28th, 2019

1:00pm – 4:00pm @ CTS

Learn the various concepts behind coding, such as binary coding, ASCII coding, Scratch programming, and 3D printing programs!  With access to multiple computers and a 3D printer, students will explore the various languages that are used to code computer operations as well as the design measurements and creations of 3D projects.  All students will learn the coding language of binary and ASCII and then apply these skills through various puzzles and games.  In addition to understanding the language of the computers, students will create, design, and build 3D objects that will then be printed.  All activities are based upon goals and objectives that encourage decoding patterns and interpreting a mathematical language.  The X, Y, and Z axis are essential to the learning process.  Every activity is based upon math, logic, and creative comprehension skills that will incorporate both individual and cooperative learning efforts that are defined by creating, solving, or building; every activity is either computer based or hands-on based learning.  Additionally, each student will have the opportunity to create a 3D object as well as the option to continue designing objects outside of class by using online programming.  All math leveled skills will be able to comprehend and participate regardless of background knowledge.

Kayaking Camp

July 29th, 2019 – August 1st, 2019

9:00am – 1:00pm @ varying locations

The waterways of Central Pennsylvania are ideal for kayaking and make the perfect learning environment for all stages of paddlers.  Over a four-day period, students will learn how to paddle in a kayak, analyze the river, and work independently and collaboratively along different stretches of the Susquehanna River and nearby creeks.   All students will become strong paddlers with the ability to  paddle forward, backward, against the current, with the current, and through shoals. As the group paddles and explores the natures of the waterways, students will understand how to recognize the various sounds, flows, and colors of the water and use this knowledge to understand proper paths for kayaking.  Each day is a different route from launch to dock point, and includes various activities along the way, such as scavenger hunts, swimming, and cooperative games.

The instructors, John and Talia Zangari-Ryan (Mr. and Mrs. Z-Ryan), are an engaging husband-and-wife duo with over 25 combined years of kayaking experience.  As well as local educators, the Z-Ryan’s are very familiar with the local waterways and First Aide and CPR certified.  They are very enthusiastic to teach on the water and from a kayak.

The camp will also be based upon the boats and accommodations of Bic’s Water Sports in Montandon.  They will be adhering to the logistics and gear for each yaker, and will gladly make sure each yaker has the appropriate vests, paddles, and boats. Bic’s service is included in the cost of the program.

We are always creating more, and will gladly create an entire curriculum just for your need!

CTS writes curricula for schools, After-School Programs, summer camps, non-profit organizations, and private parties.  By customizing a curriculum to a specific interest, theme, or occasion, CTS will design a tailored curriculum that is designed to the goals and preferences of the participating client.