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The structure of the SAT and ACT exams is designed to test a student’s knowledge of the content, interpretation of information, and deconstruction of problems.   Customized Tutoring Services (CTS) provides a student the opportunity to be sound with the structure of the exam questions, be conversant with the various types of exam questions, and be confident in his or her math and English skills.  Each student has the choice of one-on-one, group, or class tutoring; regardless, all students will leave with a better analysis and interpretation of the exam by having a more critical and open-minded approach to questions and content alike.

CTS believes that the ideal curriculum for success on any standardized test includes the deconstruction of two elements:  the content of which is present throughout the exam and the design as to which the content is presented.

CTS has outlined the necessary content of the exams and will compare this to the knowledge of the student.  CTS has also defined the structure and administrative approaches of the content that is required.  From these two analytical understandings, CTS designs an appropriate curriculum to educate the student and provide them with the tools for success.

To begin this analysis, CTS uses an Initial Consultation to dissect the scores and answers of the student’s PSAT or previous SAT or ACT exam by analyzing the:

  •   types of questions answered correctly and incorrectly
  •   content of questions answered correctly and incorrectly
  •   relative subject comprehension
  •   manner of which the student studies and completes the exam
  •   students approach to different types of questions

Through this evaluation, CTS will create and adhere to a curriculum that best supports the increased score for the student.  CTS is dedicated to developing individual curriculum that addresses the specific learning style of the student while simultaneously focusing on the objectives of understanding required to be successful on the SAT and ACT exam.

  • Review and outline the necessary equations, formulas, grammatical rules, and reading analysis


  • Distinguish and forge specific individual content to be reviewed and study


  • Complete and question problems that adhere to specific topics
  • Understand and dissect the structure of the exam and its multiple sections


  • Categorize and predict the types of questions for each section


  • Decode and interpret the language of the questions and the accompanying answers


  • Differentiate and adapt multiple approaches to the questions

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