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Initial Consultation

define, analyze, and outline the specific needs in order to promote academic growth and success. CTS will distinguish personal educational needs for learning and the fundamental requirements of the subject content that need improvement.  The IC analysis will be used to outline goals and an appropriate curriculum for the tutor to use.

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After identifying the specific needs, CTS will create a schedule of tutoring appointments that compliment the needs of the student.  At this time, clients may choose a payment option.

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Come to CTS at your scheduled appointment time! Tutors and clients continue to communicate about progress.

The Initial Consultation

Every student will need an Initial Consultation

In order to best educate your student, CTS will begin with an Initial Consultation.  The CTS Curriculum Coordinator will meet with the student for about an hour.  In this time, they will do problems together (pertaining to the area of difficulty), discuss interests and dislikes, and work together through analyzing certain concepts.  Overall, this analysis will:

  •   Categorize your student’s learning style: Logical/Mathematical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic, Kinesthetic, Spatial, Musical, and Linguistic
  •   Identify the content areas of concern
  •   Determine appropriate study skills, techniques, and contexts that are appropriate for the student
  •   Outline the necessary (if any) teachers, staff, and administrators to begin communicating
  •   Evaluate and specify accommodating instructional methodologies

CTS modifies the content of its Initial Consultation in order to address the required content of the school, comparative local school districts, state, and national standards.  CTS implements consultations differently based upon general classes and standardized testing.  For Initial Consultations regarding standardize testing, CTS will also analyze and evaluate the student’s performance on prior standardized tests and use this to develop a decisive approach to educating.

One On One Tutoring

A consistently effective method for educating any student at any level is through one-on-one education.  CTS offers one-on-one tutoring for all ages, subjects, and standardized testing exams (including SAT, ACT, PSAT, and all subject tests).

With the distinction of one-on-one tutoring, the student has the ability to ask direct questions without peer criticism, the opportunity to engage in specific activities designed to promote their definitive understanding, and the time to make distinct connectivity with a tutor that is dedicated to the same goals of achievement.

With a one-on-one setting, students are guaranteed personalized curriculum and instruction.  Tutors will develop activities that define the exact content necessary as well as provide the specialized modifications to the instruction and implementation of the material.

Students who are significantly struggling with a subject or have a learning disorder or disability are encouraged to choose one-on-one service.  CTS specializes in catering to the needs of the student by accommodating the student’s approach to learning and defining appropriate levels of content goals.

Group Tutoring

A consistently effective method for educating any student at any level is through one-on-one education.  CTS offers one-on-one tutoring for all ages, subjects, and standardized testing exams (including SAT, ACT, SSAT, and all subject tests).

CTS will design a curriculum that will meet the needs for a group of students (as many as 4); these students are typically close friends or academically equal peers who all have the same goals.  Group tutoring can be a very effective outlet for students; the CTS classroom becomes, for many, a place where they can challenge one another as well as demonstrate individual ability in the presence of respected classmates.

With a small group setting, CTS staff will design a curriculum that adheres to the overall goals of the group while still maintaining as much personalization of content and implementation as possible.  An Initial Consultations is highly encouraged to ensure individual needs are met, however, one is not required for group tutoring.

Group tutoring is ideal for groups of friends who study together, motivate one another, and compete at relatively similar levels of intelligence.



$40/ Hr (BA)
$42 / Hr (MA/MS)

5 Hour Package

$190 (-5%) (BA)
$199.50 (-5%) (MA/MS)

10 Hour Package

$360 (-10%) (BA)
$378 (-10%) (MA/MS)

Group Tutoring

Per Student 

$30/ Hr (2 Students)
$25 / Hr (3+ Students)

5 Hour Package

$142.50 (-5%) (2)
$118.75 (-5%) (3+)

10 Hour Package

$270 (-10%) (2)
$225 (-10%) (3+)